Like many video games in the early 1990s, entries in the Phantasy Star series were previewed in magazines before their release in Japan. The Electronic Gaming Monthly article below was scanned and typed to promote awareness of Phantasy Star IV's history and development.

This preview article is based on a prototype of Phantasy Star IV that was displayed at the 1992 Tokyo Toy Show. Unfortunately, this version of the game was destroyed by 1995, according to Phantasy Star: Official Production Compendium. The only way to see any aspect of this prototype is through publishings like the one below. None of the material pictured in the article was included in the final game.

Article Text

Yes, Star players, Phantasy Star IV is on its way! Once again, the menacing Dark Force has shattered the silence throughout the once peaceful land!

Phantasy Star IV includes, among others, Nei from Phantasy Star II and Wren from Phantasy Star III.

The quest is set in a futuristic setting in the year 2284, similar to Star II. You will adventure across new planets and meet up with more enemies than ever before!

Solve the mystery and stop Dark Force before he gains control over the world!

The Dark God Returns Several screenshots and pieces of artwork were printed with this article.

  1. Cinema shot of Dark Force, with kanji lettering (loosely translated as "The Dark God Returns"). Shown to the right.
    Caption: "The evil Dark Force has once again returned!"
  2. Phantasy Star IV logo
  3. A view of three (Motavia, Dezoris, and perhaps Rykros) planets and the Algol star.
  4. Kneeling Chaz, overlaid on a view of Motavia and the Palman asteroid belt.
  5. Large cinema shot of Rune, Chaz, Rika, and Wren.
    Caption: "The cast and crew of Phantasy Star IV. These characters should look familiar to those who have played the Phantasy Star series. The worst of the enemies are back, also, led by the ultimate in evil - Dark Force!"
  6. Phantasy Star remembrance, featuring Alis, Odin, Myau, and Noah.
    Caption: "Phantasy Star set the video gaming world on fire with it's huge quest on the Sega Master System."
  7. Phantasy Star II remembrance, featuring Nei, Rolf, and company.
    Caption: "Phantasy Star II was the first 6-Meg cart released for the Genesis! The superb graphics and futuristic setting were unmatched."
  8. Phantasy Star III remembrance, featuring Mieu, Wren, and Crys.
    Caption: "When Phantasy Star III came out as 8-Meg, it meant a game with seven worlds to explore and plenty of action."


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