Waixing's four pirate games based on Phantasy Star IV are very similar to the original, but also very different. This is a list of some of the differences observed in these games. This excludes any dialogue differences, due to the language barrier. Thanks to Tsunami for providing portions of these lists.

All Pirate Versions

These changes appear to be present in all four of the pirate versions. Each version also has some changes that are different from the other versions. Those are listed separately.

  • Graphics are greatly downgraded due to being designed for the 8 bit Famicom instead of the 16 bit Genesis/Megadrive. Some graphics are clearly patterned after counterparts in Phantasy Star IV, but others are more original (and often extremely low quality).
  • The battle system is more simplistic.
    • The macro system is not present.
    • Backgrounds consist mostly of blank, black space. A small strip at the top of the battle screen changes depending on location.
    • More monsters can appear in a single battle.
    • There are many more palette swaps of monsters.
    • Battles are much less balanced, resulting in a need to level grind before exploring new areas.
    • Many battle commands cannot be canceled once issued.
    • Sometimes characters may attack multiple times in one round. Chaz is known to attack up to three times. This includes attacking normally and with skills like Crosscut.
    • Many monsters have different special abilities.
  • The games are more concise overall.
    • Molcum is directly between Piata and Zema, with the entrance to Tonoe just east of Zema.
    • Towns and dungeons not vital to the abriged story are excluded, including Mile, Krup, Aideo, Nayla, and the Worldship Wreckage.
    • Most dungeon interiors are replaced with smaller versions. Some retain features similar to the originals, while others are completely reworked.
    • Towns are also smaller - each has shops, but most houses are removed.
  • Hahn is not playable, though he appears in a few cutscenes.
  • The music is changed.
  • All techniques seem to be defensive. All offensive techs are changed into skills or removed. Rune and Alys have Zan as a skill, while Alys and Chaz have Anti as a technique.
  • All shields are removed. Characters can equip only one weapon, armor, and helmet.
  • Pictures of items are displayed when buying or selling in shops. Many items are visually redesigned from their canon counterparts.
  • Character designs are mostly the same, but Alys is blond in most artwork.
  • Only Chaz is displayed when walking around.
  • Alys' age is given as 20, instead of ???. Rika's age is given as 12 instead of 1.
  • Some cutscene sets are skipped entirely. Those that are displayed often have different or shortened content.

Wai Xing Zhan Shi

  • Lassic is found in Zema. Defeating him fixes the broken bridge that would normally lead to Aiedo.
  • The Air Castle is removed.
  • When walking around, only Chaz is displayed.
  • Only a few cutscenes are included.
  • Before the title screen is shown, an adaptation of Phantasy Star IV's poem introduction is displayed.

Xing Zhan Qing Yuan

Title Screen

  • Instead of defeating Lassic in Zema to fix the broken bridge, a second Igglanova must be defeated in the Bio-Plant.
  • When walking around, up to three characters are displayed. Early in the game, this will be Chaz, Alys, and Rune (later replaced by Gryz). When Rika joins in the fourth character slot, she is not displayed.
  • Many additional cutscenes are used.
  • Before the title screen is shown, a completely different introduction sequence relates the history of Algo circa Phantasy Star II. This sequences uses new cutscenes and drops Phantasy Star IV's poem format.
  • The title screen is greatly changed, no longer resembling Phantasy Star IV's at all.
  • Graphics for Rune's initial equipment are changed.