During the development of Phantasy Star IV, the gaming magazine media was flourishing. Several magazines ran previews of the title. Electronic Gaming Monthly was able to take an in depth look at the early game with several preview articles. The largest of these was titled "The Making of Phantasy Star IV." It ran in two issues of the magazine, #42 (January, 1993) and #47 (June, 1993), with a two page installment in each issue.

As this article is a preview of Phantasy Star IV, there are some details mentioned that were changed before the game was released. One interesting tidbit is the names given for some characters. It seems that a few of the names changed before the game's Japan and English releases. Saei became Fal (Rika), Fuaru became Thray (Rune), and a few others may have changed also. Alys (Leila), Wren (Fouren), Hahn (Han), and Chaz (Rudy) are also named. Part II describes an additional unnamed character that sounds like Kyra, but the other characters aren't mentioned.

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