These are the people responsible for creating Phantasy Star III. When the game was produced, Sega staffers used pen names in game credits. Some of the real names of the Phantasy Star III staff have been revealed over the years and are listed with their pen names below. Others remain unknown to this day.

Writer and Director
S2 (Hirondo Saiki)
Co-Writer and Co-Director
Yang Watt
Art Director
Chief Character Designer
Toyo Ozaki
Chief Scroll Designer
Roger Arm
Music Composer
Ippo (Izuho Takeuchi)
Chief Programmer
Special Effect
Assistant Programmer
Will Cane
Assistant Directors
Tsugu and Bros 400
Producer and Programmer
Special Thanks
Ossale Kohta (Kotaro Hayashida), Phenix Rie (Rieko Kodama), Yoshibon (Toru Yoshida), Com Blue, Muuuu Yuji (Yuji Naka), Mad Hatter, Minoge, Kyz, Moritan, Papa, Kymura, L.C., and Chiemushi (Akinori Nishiyama)

Fun Facts

Did you know these bits of trivia?

Sega wanted to take Phantasy Star in a new direction with this game, so an almost completely new staff was assembled. Only Hirondo Saiki had returned from Phantasy Star II.

Most of the staff had previously worked together on Golden Axe.

Izuho "Ippo" Takeuchi would be the only staff member of Phantasy Star III to return for Phantasy Star IV.

Most people in the Special Thanks credits were staffers from Phantasy Star or Phantasy Star II.