These are the people responsible for creating Phantasy Star II. Some of the real names of the Phantasy Star II staff have been revealed over the years and are listed with their pen names below. Others remain unknown to this day.

Writer and Director
Chienshi (Akinori Nishiyama)
Assistant Director
Psyche (Hirota Saeki)
Art Director
Character Design
Yoshibon (Toru Yoshida)
Mechanical Design
Judytotoya (Yasushi Yamaguchi)
Phoenix Rie (Rieko Kodama), Choko, Bigisland (Naoto Ohshima), Ichiemon, Wakasama, Stresteless, Tonesan (Hitoshi Yoneda), and Gen
Musical Composer
Bo (Tokuhiko Uwabo)
Sound Effects
Nav, Tarnya
Assistant Programmer
Tapkara Sat
Software Programmer
Com Blue
Producer and Programmer
Muuuu Yuji (Yuji Naka)

Fun Facts

Did you know these bits of trivia?

Many of these staffers returned from the original Phantasy Star.

The original Sonic the Hedgehog was designed by Naoto Ohshima. Yasushi Yamaguchi created Sonic's sidekick, Tails.

Yuji Naka went on to be involved with many other Phantasy Star installments, including Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Universe.