This is a strategy for completing Phantasy Star II - Anne's Adventure. A complete Phantasy Star II - Anne's Adventure Walkthrough, including How to Play, Items, and other information, is also available for download.

River Town

The game begins in the office of the director of River Town hospital. The director asks you to deliver medicine to the elementary school of nearby Wood Town, which has recently been attacked by monsters. Your first task is to get some medicine.

Move East to the next room. There's a locked door here. North leads out of the hospital, but first you should explore the building by going South. The next room has West and East exits. Go West first and examine the patients. This adds the boy to the Look menu, so examine him as well. That reveals the Glue. Be sure to Take the glue before leaving. Now, go East two rooms. You should find a key here - take it. There is a downstairs room, but it has no use now, so you can ignore it. Backtrack to the room with the locked door.

Use the key on the door to open the pharmacy to the East. Go in and Take the Trimate. We're finished in the hospital now, so go West one room and North. Continue East and take the Plank you see on the path. Keep going East to find the weapon shop. Looking at the owner will reveal that you need 100 Meseta to get a weapon. You don't have that, so return West and go North for now. On the next screen, turn West.

There's a house here. Examine the woman who appears to learn that her daughter is ill and enter the house. Look at the girl for a prompt to use Trimate on her. We've got some Trimate, so use your Trimate on the girl to make her feel better. In gratitude, the mother will give you 70 Meseta. Return East.

To the East is a carpentry shop, but you can do nothing there for now, so go North. From this area, enter Anne's house to the West. You'll see the Nail Puller here, so Take it. Return East, and go East again to find an odd rock. Nothing to do here yet, so go back West and then North.

Now you're at the edge of River Town, but as you'll see, the bridge to Wood Town is out. You're going to have to find a way to cross a river. Look at the notice to learn that there is an outlaw lurking about. To the East is a Biting Ant biomonster. You don't have a weapon yet, so instead go West to find a Motavian. If you Look at him, he'll offer to trade his Rubber Raft for your Nail Puller. Make the trade through the Use command, using the Nail Puller on the Motavian. Remember where this guy is located. On subsequent visits, he'll offer to swap again, exchanging the raft for the Nail Puller. You'll need to make that trade eventually, but not for a while.

If you examine the Rubber Raft, you'll see it has a hole that prevents it from floating. Use the Glue on the Rubber Raft to seal up that hole. Continue West to reach a place where you can cross the river. Try to use the Rubber Raft on the river, but you'll be told that you need an oar. Return to the carpentry shop (East, East, South, South, East) and use the Plank on the shop owner. He'll turn it into an oar and take 50 Meseta from you, leaving 40 Meseta.

Now return to the river (West, North, North, West, West). Use the Rubber Raft on the river again. This time you'll go North onto the river. Continue North to the old house. A sack is here - take it to get 100 Meseta. Now you can get a weapon to take on that Biting Ant.

Biting Ant

Return to the weapon shop by using the Rubber Raft on the river and moving South, East twice, South three times, then East. Look at the shop owner to buy the Knife. Go West, North three times, then East to fight the Biting Ant.

The Biting Ant is a foe that you should be able to overcome with little difficulty. Just Use your Knife on the Biting Ant until it has had enough. Eventually it will run away with the Knife lodged in it. You'll lose your weapon, but that won't be a problem. You'll take some damage in the battle, but don't worry about that for now.

With the Biting Ant gone, you can continue onward by once again using the Rubber Raft on the river. From there, you can cross North. The Rubber Raft will be rendered useless at this point, but hold on to it for future trading with the Motavian. To the East is a cabin. Enter to meet Heinz.

Heinz will heal Anne's wounds for free, if you use the Look command on him. Do that now to recover from the Biting Ant battle. In fact, Heinz is your only source of HP recovery in this game, so you should definitely remember where he lives and return here for healing after every battle. Before leaving, look at everything here to find a new item: Dimate. You can take it or leave it. If you do take it now, it turns out to be useless. Leave to the West and follow the path around the bends until you reach Wood Town. Look at the guard along the way.

Wood Town

On the Wood Town screen, Look at the man to learn about the Poison Fang monster's weakness. Continue North for two screens to find a flower patch, where you can Take a Red Flower. Return South one screen. East of here is the elementary school Anne was sent to help, but it's dark inside so she can only go in one room. Return South to the Wood Town screen, then go West.

And here is the Poison Fang monster. You can't fight it since you don't have a weapon, but Use the Red Flower on Poison Fang to drive it away so you can move North. If you return to the Poison Fang screen, you can use the Red Flower on it again open the North path. There is a sick man here, but Dimate won't cure him, so continue West to a ruined shop.

Take the Laser Knife from the floor here and return to the Poison Fang. Now you can finish it off, so fight by using the Laser Knife on the critter. This monster is much stronger than the Biting Ant and capable of dealing more than 20 damage in a single strike. If your HP gets too low, retreat to Heinz and get healed. You can come back and finish off the Poison Fang after that.

When the Poison Fang dies, Anne will quickly make an Antidote from the body. Use this on the man one screen to the North to get the Lamp, which will light a dark area like the elementary school. Return to the school by moving South, East, North, and East. You might want to go all the way back to Heinz if you took a lot of damage in the Poison Fang fight, then return to the school.

Inside the school, explore by going North (look at the history book), then South twice, and Up. Upstairs, you'll meet a monster called the Kite Devil. It is not interested in Anne right now, as it is stalking teachers and students at the school. Attack it by using the Laser Knife, but you'll quickly learn that this is not going to work. The Kite Devil will do some damage - now is a good time to practice the better part of valor and retreat. If the Kite Devil drops your HP to zero, you will automatically be sent to Heinz's cabin. Looking at him will revive and heal you.

Search for the Golden Ring

So, now you need to find this Golden Ring, which is apparently the only thing that can harm the Kite Devil. Return to Heinz for healing (if you're not there already), then take the road back toward Wood Town. Along the way, the guard you met earlier can be found lying dead in the road, opening a new path into the forest. Move West into the forest.

The forest is a maze of several screens that, in some directions, will repeat endlessly. It is not that hard to navigate, however. From the entrance, go North one screen to Forest E. There is a monument here that you should definitely examine with Look for a vital tip that will be familiar to long time Phantasy Star fans. From there, move West until you find the Grass Killer monster. It is another easy, straight forward battle like the Biting Ant. Just use the Laser Knife until the thing runs away.

Continue North, then West. Oops, looks like Anne went the wrong way! When she recovers, she's bound and unable to move. Just Look at the Watchman repeatedly until he unties her. Then move South. Also notice that your entire inventory is gone, along with your remaining Meseta. Look at the desk here to obtain two new items, then move Up to find your Rubber Raft and Lamp. Take both of those, then return Down and continue South to find a jet scooter. Use your new Key on the jet scooter to board it an enter the river.

Now that you have an alternate means of river travel, the Rubber Raft can be traded for the Nail Puller. Move East until you are able to move South. When South is an option, take it to land and then move one screen East to find the Motavian again. Use the Rubber Raft on him to get the Nail Puller. Now return West and use the Key on the jet scooter again, then go North to the old cabin where you found the Sack. Use the Nail Puller on the Gray House to open the door, then enter North. There's an alter here - use the Old Tome on it, to uncover the Golden Ring. Take it. Now it's time to track down the Kite Devil.

Exit South and use the Key on the jet scooter again. This time, move West, followed by North to return to the Forest. Proceed East until you reach either Forest A or Forest C. If you land on Forest A, move North once and you'll be at Forest C. At Forest C, exit to the East and go see Heinz for healing. He will also give you the Pendant, which is a useful item that heals others at the cost of 10 HP loss to Anne. With the Pendant in hand, make your way back to the elementary school.

Kite Devil

But... the monster has already left! Check out the entire upstairs area, making sure to Look at everyone. Use the Pendant to heal the Teacher (it'll affect the kids too) to learn that the monster has set out for River Town. Follow it by backtracking toward Heinz's cabin. Along the way, you'll notice that the broken bridge has been fixed. From there, you can move South into River Town territory. As you explore down here, you'll soon learn that the Kite Devil has been busy and leveled every building, including Anne's home! Ohhhh, he's gotta pay for that one!

Keep making your way South from the bridge until you find the Outlaw. Heal him with your Pendant to receive an item - Alshline. Remember the monument in the forest? Well, let's try that out. From the Outlaw, go North twice and East to find the weird rock from early in the game. Use the Alshline on this to reveal the Crystal. Take it, then move West, South until you no longer can, West, and South again to enter the hospital, where the Outlaw told you the Kite Devil was heading. Move West into the director's office and heal using the Pendant again.

Now you should be down to 20 or 30 HP from using the Pendant, so you're going to be tempted to visit Heinz and get healed. Don't bother - it won't help. Exit the director's office East, then move South and East to find the Kite Devil. It is too strong for Amy to face. If you try to attack it, she'll die quickly. Instead, use the Crystal on the Kite Devil. This weakens the monster's attack from five dice to two. If it doesn't kill Anne on the first attack, hit it with the Golden Ring. Eventually, however, the Kite Devil will overpower Anne and she'll be transported to Heinz's place. Look at him to be healed and he'll decide to fight alongside Anne.

Return to the Kite Devil now and Heinz will take the Golden Ring and fight the battle. During this battle, you can use the Look command to examine Anne, causing her to heal Heinz's HP entirely. Use this at any time the Kite Devil gets your HP low, or even every turn before attacking if you want to be sure to win. If Heinz's HP reaches zero, both he and Anne are transported to his cabin, where you can Look at the Local Area option to revive Heinz, then make you way back to the monster for another try.

So anyway, just keep healing Heinz with Look at Anne and attacking the Kite Devil by using the Golden Ring. Eventually, the creature will be destroyed. Once that is done, move Down to the hospital basement to see the game's ending.