Like many video games in the early 1990s, entries in the Phantasy Star series were previewed in magazines before their release in Japan. The Electronic Gaming Monthly article below was scanned and typed to promote awareness of Phantasy Star Gaiden when little information was available about the game.

Article Text

Game Gear owners can now look forward to a real Phantasy Star quest, not the board-game entitled Phantasy Star Adventure. In this version, you play an actual Phantasy Star game complete with monsters, experience points and level increases. Talk to the somewhat helpful townspeople to gather up information on where to locate possible companions and weapons. This 2-meg title also features a battery back-up to save your precious progress. The estimated release date for Japan is sometime in mid-October.

Early title screen The article also features screenshots from an early version of the game.

  1. An early title screen, shown to the right.
  2. Three characters from the game.
    Take your expansive research to the library where the wise, old librarian can give you many clues.
  3. A battle screen (with two monsters)
    Combat! Just like the other versions, Phantasy Star contains exciting on-screen combat!
  4. Two characters on the world map.
    Travel through the brightly colored landscapes in search of towns and enemies.
  5. A woman at a counter.
    To save your current quest, just visit the Inn. You can save your game and recover hit points.


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