Many years ago, the civilizations of Earth were devastated in a massive war. Humans, the last survivors of the war, enjoyed two hundred years of peace following the conflict. This time has become known as "The Great Blank" or "The Heavenly Whiteness." Now, so long after the war of old, humans have thriving cities once again. Outside the cities, however, monsters roam in the wilderness. To combat this threat and protect the people, Hunters roam the world using Photon technology recovered from the remains of the past world.

Another long lost technology, the artificial life forms called Casts, have also returned. Burdened with a lack of any memory before their recent reactivation, the Casts now search for their own missing histories while co-existing with the humans in the cities. Both races have forgotten the third race that once lived with them: the Newmans, who now descend from the silent moon.

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Release History

Release Title Date Region System
Phantasy Star Ø December 25, 2008 Japan DS
Phantasy Star Ø November 10, 2009 North America DS
Phantasy Star Ø 2009 Europe DS