In many of the Phantasy Star games, different names are used to refer to the same people, places, and things. This arises due to many reasons. First and foremost, the games were originally created in Japan, using the language and alphabets of that country. These names were later translated to English (and other languages), but separate people translate the original Japanese in different ways. Minor name differences such as Dezolis and Dezoris or Palma and Parma arise from this.

Furthermore, the games were not simply translated when released outside of Japan. Like many games, they underwent a process called localization. Localization is the adaptation of a game for release in a new market. It begins with translating the language, but also includes making changes to the resulting translations with the goal of making the game more acceptable to the new target audience. This is the cause of some name changes, many of which can be found in the original Phantasy Star. For example, "Perolymate" was a fictional name with no meaning, so it was replaced with "Burger," making a common item much more recognizable to American gamers. Story changes from the original Japanese and retroactive alterations to story or names presented in previous English games are also a common result of localization, and can be found in both Phantasy Star II and Phantasy Star IV.

Many different Phantasy Star fans prefer to use different sets of names, and we have no problem with that. For a consistent look and feel in Fringes of Algo, certain names have been chosen for use in the Profiles section and throughout the site. These names were selected for a variety of reasons, but are used simply for a uniform presentation of the content. They are not intended to be any kind of rule, official stance on "correct names," or necessarily representative of anyone's opinions of the "best" names. Occasionally, alternate names may be used in the site's content and may be listed on Profile pages as aliases.