Fringes of Algo began as a subsection of the author's personal homepage and was created on April 1, 1997. At the time, it was hosted on the now defunct Geocities, where it prospered until 1999. During that year, site moved to independent hosting provided by BroWren of Cyborg Central, who was hosting several sites created by his friends at that time. This private server had many more features than the publicly accessible Geocities, which allowed the site to grow while becoming easier to maintain. During that time, the site's counter had recorded over 100,000 visitors. Not bad for just a small personal homepage!

Near the turn of the century, when Phantasy Star Online was first becoming popular, interest in the classic Phantasy Star games began to wane for many people. The site entered a period where it became static as other projects were developed. The internet as a whole began to grow tired of the concept of the personal homepage and many fan sites that once thrived were stale or had disappeared entirely.

In November 2006, a decision was made to close up the author's personal homepage, as it had little potential for further natural growth. Instead of consigning the content of Fringes of Algo to the same oblivion that claims so many other fan sites, however, work began on relaunching it as an individual site with a fresh identity and design. This proved to be an opportune time, as Cyborg Central closed in early 1997, taking the old version of the site with it.

On March 23, 2007, Fringes of Algo officially relaunched at In the hope of revitalizing the online classic Phantasy Star community, which then lacked a central place to congregate, a message board was added to the new site. It was a great success, evolving into a true community with many wonderful members who have contributed to the continued growth of the site.

About the Author

My name is Jeremy Rogers, and as you've probably realized at this point, I am a fan of the Phantasy Star series. I've been playing the games since the days when the Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System were still competing for domination of the console game market.

The first Phantasy Star I played was Phantasy Star III. I enjoyed it, and still do. It's not for everyone, but I like it. Enough so that it eventually prompted me to try the rest of the series and create this web site. I have played at least a portion of most Phantasy Star games released in North America, up to and including Phantasy Star Universe. I've run through a few of the Japan-only releases, as well.

My other hobby interests cover a wide range of areas. Some of the larger ones include other video games, collecting comic books and related merchandise, and reading epic fantasy novels. I always like a good and entertaining story. There are plenty of those in these hobbies, but I don't have as much time to devote to them as in years past.