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Page 55 - More SPEC

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Image of the Day - February 15, 2011

This is a full page from the SPEC coverage found in the book The World of Phantasy Star. As it happens, this page has more illustrations than text, something not at all common in this book. At the upper left, we can see the first page from part four of the Phantasy Star: Outside Saga manga series. That lady with the rifle and pistol, believe it or not, is likely Alis Landale. She has changed a great deal from the fantasy swordswoman seen in Phantasy Star. The upper right features some numan related artwork from SPEC, including a page from one of the Yoshibon Club manga installments. Finally, we can see Lutz on the cover of SPEC issue 7.5, which did not transfer well to the black-and-white printing in this book.

At the bottom of the page is an advertisement highlighting the features of the Wondermega, a gaming console released only in Japan. It combined the features of the MegaDrive and MegaCD systems in one single machine.

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