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Image of the Day - January 01, 2009

Remember when the Igglanova burst out of Birth Valley and into Zema? That's what we see here, even though it looks more like the Igglanova is exploding to me. Instead of remaining in the town, it retreats into the Bio-Plant, where the team takes it down on the second of three levels. This Igglanova is much, much stronger than the first one. Both lack the ability to spawn henchmen, however, so the fight is not very hard once you've gotten the proper equipment. Of course, that means taking a trip back to town, as the team is at the entrance to the Bio-Plant when this scene series ends.

This, by the way, is from Xing Zhan Qing Yuan. Tsunami has told us in the past that Lassic is in Zema in Wai Xing Zhan Shi, but he is not there in Xing Zhan Qing Yuan. I wonder where he will show up?

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