Sting of Failure

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Image of the Day - March 16, 2010

After a daring rescue at the top of Zio's fortress, the small band of Hunters encountered the master of the lair. In a very one sided engagement, Zio used the power granted to him by Dark Force to strike down the leader, Alys Brangwin. One quick technique later, the heroes have retreated to safety outside the building. Chaz and Gryz, looking back to the location of their apparently invincible opponent, cannot believe how easily they were defeated. This failure stings at them, filing the young Motavian with rage. Meanwhile, Hahn tends to Alys, who just barely makes it into the bottom of the panel from her prone position on the desert sands.

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Phantasy Star IV
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alys, chaz, gryz, hahn, motavian