Psycho Wand

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Image of the Day - September 21, 2009

Long ago, some version of Lutz constructed the Ladea Tower and hid this weapon at the very top. The Psycho Wand is a powerful magic tool capable of neutralizing magical defenses, like the barrier spell that protects Zio from harm. Rune Walsh, knowing this would be needed to overcome the evil wizard, travelled to the tower in order to retrieve the wand. Gryz, Demi, Rika, and Chaz met up with him in the tower. It is a good thing too; Zio also knew the danger posed to his power by the wand and sent a monster to obtain it. The combined power of the heroes overcame this creature, allowing Rune to reclaim the wand, providing one of the few detailed looks at a weapon in cutscenes.

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Phantasy Star IV
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