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Orakio & Rulakir

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Image of the Day - April 14, 2011

This sheet of sketches by Toyo Ozaki is a true rarity. It contains designs for two characters who make only the briefest of appearances in Phantasy Star III, but are still vital to the game's story lines. One thousand years before the time of Rhys, the Alisa III was devastated by a brutal war between two factions. These brothers are the leaders of the faction that would come to be known as Orakians. The page is dominated by Rulakir, the man who fell under the influence of evil and lived to fight Rhys' grandson. In the lower right corner is Orakio himself, the ancestor of Rhys. The emblem that proudly decorates Orakian castle gates can be seen on his armor.

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Phantasy Star III
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