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Laya, Gwyn, & Karas

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Image of the Day - April 11, 2011

Toyo Ozaki created a series of artwork that displayed her vision of the brides the heroes of Phantasy Star III would encounter at the end of their quests. In this, the most crowded of the series, we have a look at all of the potential brides for the third generation heroes. A wedding is not seen for those heroes during the game, but we can speculate as to which woman each of the four men might have married. In the background are Lyla and Kara, the bridal candidates for the sons of Ayn. Lyla also travels with Nial's son, Aron. These ladies are taller because they are most likely older when their adventures begin. In at least one timeline, both travelled with a 20 year old hero, indicating more time for the women to mature into adults before travelling the Alisa III.

To the foreground are Gwyn and the younger Kara. Gwyn is something of an oddity, as she has no potential suitors in the game - unless perhaps she proposes to her own brother, Adan. Their quest is the only one to feature siblings in the adventuring group, limiting Adan's most likely marriage choice to the teenage Kara. Of course, if Nial chooses to marry Alair, Gwyn does not exist. Their son 17 year old Aron instead can choose from the older Laya, who was rejected by his father, or Kara, his young cousin of the same age.

Maybe the third generation marriages were omitted because they're just too weird in Nial's timelines?

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