Introducing Motavians

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Image of the Day - August 18, 2009

This Phantasy Star IV scene is the first good look at the native people of Motavia since their appearance as enemies in Phantasy Star. From left to right, Grandfather Dorin, Pana, and Gryz are pictured. Pana and Gryz have come to stay in Dorin's village after their home town, Molcum, was razed by Zio, the black magician. As the only survivors, they fled across the desert and through mountain caverns to reach Tonoe, where Dorin resides as a beloved, if quirky, village elder. Dorin fancies himself as an "information monger" and provides information to travellers that reach the village. That information includes the measurements of Alys Brangwin, who is not very pleased to learn that fact. She expresses her displeasure with a well aimed punch that knocks Dorin for a loop.

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Phantasy Star IV
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