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Image of the Day - December 24, 2009

Rudolf Steiner - Rudo for short - is a professional Biomonster Hunter. He is the first character of the series in this occupation, paving the way for those in Phantasy Star IV and Phantasy Star Online. He became a hunter after biomonsters killed his family. On hearing that Rolf and Nei are searching for the secret behind the monster outbreaks on Motavia, he shows up at Rolf's home to lead his gun arm to their cause.

Phantasy Star II introduced many new features to the Phantasy Star series that became staple features in most of the following games. One of these was the concept of static character portraits in the status screen. For the case of this game, these portraits are available at Rolf's home in Paseo and accompany short background texts about each character.

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Phantasy Star II
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