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Image of the Day - December 18, 2009

After a long trek through four domes of the Alisa III worldship, Prince Ayn of Cille finds himself in his father's childhood home, the castle of Landen. There he meets the new ruler of Landen - Sari, daughter of Lena. Sari is filled with anger over Rhys' choice to marry Maia and put aside his ties to Landen. She intends to take this anger out on Ayn, but when the young man proves to be more formidable than she expected, Sari instead decides to travel with Ayn. Her speed and strength place her firmly in a role as the powerhouse melee fighter of the group.

Following in the footsteps pioneered by Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom gave each playable character an individual head shot portrait to make them more recognizable to players. This was especially vital for this game, which tended to use the same set of graphics for several characters with slight color changes. Unlike the similar pictures of Nei and friends, however, these portraits were used for speech in important story scenes and the standard character menu. The previous game restricted the portrait availability to Rolf's house, but this one allowed the players to see the characters at any time they were available for play.

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Phantasy Star III
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