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PSIV character (re?)designs [Rika]

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Posted by Ultema

Next up is a Rika doodle.

I love her old design as much as the next person, the classic 80' and 90's leotard thing was a big element in my own designs for a long time, but if I were to think about it a little more and modernize it, the fact that she was just wearing a leotard with some thigh-high high heels has made me cinch my brow in the last few years, thinking about the functionality. While skin cutouts on the hips have no functionality whatsoever, I didn't want to cover her COMPLETELY since her OG design is bare legged from the thigh to the hip, and if Seed designed her outfit to be sexy, well a little hip flesh never killed anybody.

I wanted to give her something a little bit more manufactured with a more solid theme while maintaining the idea as closely as possible. She's a bit more techy now and after wearing her costume personally, decided to take the stiletto heels off of her boots. Stilettos in sand = no, as much as I like them aesthetically.

Sure she may be agile, but so are cats, and how many times have we seen cats faceplant? I rest my case.

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