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Rappy Rudy

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Posted by Icecypher

My first Rudy Ashley (Chaz) pic.

I have not played PS IV yet, but when I had the challenge of drawing a PS character dressed up for Halloween, I had two choices: drawing young Yousis/Rolf, Huey/Hugh and Kainz/Kain, or drawing Rudy/Chaz.

I would have loved the first option, but I knew I would not have time to do it justice, so I went with the simpler choice. Even so, I thought I would not finish in time (before month's end). But I took some time free from my other pics and used a very simple coloring style, so here it is. :yes:

I hope you like it. This is Rudy at around 9-12. He stole those Puyo Puyo candies.

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