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Autumn Erra (Looking a little mature)

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Posted by Lucas

Well the year is finally coming to a close once again. As a result this will be the last drawing you get from me this year. Something different with a character of mine most of you should know-all too well. I decided to go with something easy that still gives out some expression this time around.

I wanted to do a side-on type of drawing which I’ve done here but with a twist, I wanted to convey Autumn as being more mature and grown up this was the tricky part, but I think I pulled it off nicely in the end. Something as simple as adding in colouring to the bottom-lip I found brings out more a womanly-vibe in her. She’s not too much older in this drawing than what she usually is, perhaps nineteen or twenty.

Although she seems a little more grown up, don’t think even for a moment she’s left all her hype behind no way. Also I’ve always envisioned her as a having a fit and active build as a result you can she has a small amount of muscle in her upper arms, she is a “Hunter” after all.

I’m honestly pretty happy with this piece it’s not going to be a staple change, future drawings of her probably won’t have her older unless you want to see more of that. To me Autumn will always be that energetic teenage numan I created her as. :) And I’ll never forget her origins, I created her for a story of mine, that started out on this forum here, two-years ago: The Fringes of Algo. :wink:

Anyway Merry Christmas everyone (yes I know I'm like three weeks early :p ) !!! :santa:

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