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Counting Zzzs 2 – Autumn & Elisa

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Posted by Lucas

So on the weekend I had a small amount of spare time up my sleeve and decided to do something I’ve wanted to for ages...draw. I decided to revisit a drawing of mine that I did quite a long time ago (Counting Zzzs) which in my opinion compared to what I do now is punch-me-in-the-face terrible, so I redid it and overall made it better in my opinion. This is also one time I can finally say the hands turned out for me, I was very happy with that, after much erasing and re-proportioning I think I got this one pretty down-pat.

What I wanted to convey in this piece is how close the two girls are (and no not in any immoral or weird way :P) and what a strong friendship they share. Autumn takes on more of a relaxed expression with Elisa around. And Elisa takes upon an admiring expression while being with Autumn. As sad as it also is, this is the very first drawing I’ve done with both girls in the same picture ever.

Anyway enjoy, and for everyone working too hard, get some sleep. :wink:

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