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Posted by Lucas

Well this one took me about two hours to do. I was flicking through a magazine at work during my lunch break today and came across an article with two Australia actresses in a somewhat similar position, then the idea of Neifirst and Nei in that stance together just clicked in my mind almost instantly, and I wasn’t even thinking of anything Phantasy Star related to begin with. So pretty much as soon as I finished this afternoon I came home and drew it out.

I’m actually quite happy with this piece I tried my best with the hands and even though they are still kinda awkward I’m rather happy with the outcome of them. I must also confess that all my blue pencils are nearly non-existent thanks to me colouring Neifirst. With my design of her she kind of reminds of of Mystique from the X-men movies with all her blue.

It’s been a long time in general since I’ve actually done Phantasy Star artwork that isn’t related to my Accepting Fate series. The last piece I did was of Doctor Mad and that was very early in the year.

Finally I’m dedicating this drawing to two members on this site the first being Bragatyr, I know you love Neifirst (I hope you like my style of her) and I appreciate all the feedback and support you have given me with my artwork since the beginning. I also loved the Lashiec piece you did a short while back as well for me.

Secondly is tilinelson2, who besides his Maia, loves Nei, and I really appreciate all the feedback and critique you have given me in my fan-fiction here. So thanks to the both of you I hope you enjoy.

I hope everyone else enjoys this piece too.

Thanks. :)

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