Dr. Mad Portrait

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Image of the Day - May 28, 2012

One of the characters who has been most heavily redesigned in Phantasy Star generation 1 is Doctor Mad, or rather the Mad Doctor as he seems to be called in the Japanese text. His connections to Myau and his role in the story are enhanced somewhat in this remake. Even so, one might think the first unique boss character of the game would have a cutscene. Sadly, all he gets is this portrait and expanded dialogue.

From this headshot, it almost looks like he is a man in a suit of armor. Perhaps that is true to some extent, but his hands are definitely inhuman. Do you think he is a cyborg, part man and part machine, or a fully machine android? His white beret brings up the question of what role the insane scientist might play in Lassic's military establishment, if any. One thing is for sure... it would involve experimentation on Musk Cats.

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