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Odin's Rifle Attack

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Image of the Day - May 07, 2012

Now this may be the most useful weapon family in Phantasy Star generation 1. Odin's rifles are exceptionally deadly in random encounters. These automatic weapons strike all foes on screen, easily spreading damage across a line of four or five monsters. The per target is less than you would get with a single targeting weapon like an axe or pistol, but the extra shots really make up for it when facing a crowd. There is a chance that each shot can miss, separately of others landing. Even so, the rifles are very helpful in those deep, dark caverns. The first rifle is a Laser Gun found in Noah's cave that makes exploring those long tunnels easier. The expensive Gatling from Dezoris costs more than a Landrover, but packs a serious punch on Motavia if bought as soon as possible.

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