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Odin's Pistol Attack

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Image of the Day - April 30, 2012

Everyone who played a lot of Phantasy Star knows the benefits of giving Odin a gun instead of a sword or axe. In Phantasy Star generation 1, the guns have been rebalanced to match the changed battle system. Pistols like the one in this sprite sheet now target only a single enemy, but also allow Odin to shoot that target twice. Each shot has an individual chance to miss and has less impact than a sword or axe available in the same area. If both shots hit, however, the pistol will cause a greater HP loss and put that foe closer to death's door. Several pistols are available during the course of the game, including the Heat Gun and Needle Gun. One pistol found in the tunnel near Bortevo is named simply "Rifle," an odd choice considering that rifles are one of Odin's other weapon types.

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