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Myau's Claw Attack

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Image of the Day - April 23, 2012

The second type of weapon used by Myau in Phantasy Star generation 1 is the claw family. When using a claw, Myau leaps and slashes at an enemy twice. The maneuver invokes memories of Nei, Mieu, and Rika dual wielding their own claws from the original Sega Genesis games. Claws do two sets of damage to a single foe. The individual strikes are weaker than those from a tusk with comparable statistics, but combined can result in greater damage. Each strike has a separate chance of missing, however, so sometimes a claw deals less damage on a turn than the tusks. In general, I find the claws to be superior weapons.

As you may notice at the bottom of the sheet, I included a note about an extraneous pixel in some frames. This is an oversight that occurs within the game. While it is difficult to notice without being aware of it, I thought it a good idea to include this note just in case.

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