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First Meow

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Image of the Day - April 13, 2012

A long, complicated path leads Alis to Paseo, the capital city of the Palma colonies on planet Motavia. A local vendor offers a rare animal for an outrageous sum of Meseta. Sensing no one is likely to pay this, the vendor offers a different deal to our heroine. She carries her brother's pot - made from an almost equally rare and valuable metal, laconia - and trades that for the creature. That leads into our next Phantasy Star generation 1 cutscene, which takes place outside the shop on the Paseo street. This one is packed with detail in both the environment and characters.

The main focus is on presenting our first look at both Alis in combat gear and Myau the Musk Cat. Alis' clothing has changed somewhat from the original Phantasy Star, perhaps reflecting changed cultural attitudes toward depictions of women in fiction. Boots that once used flat soles now sport heels. Her shirt is now form fitting, even bending as she leans forward, and no longer resembles a flat sheet of metal armor. The colors of her outfit have become darker: gray metal is now dark blue; formerly yellow pants and white boots are gray.

What do you think of the changes to Alis?

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