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Image of the Day - March 19, 2012

When entering the underground passage leading to the mansion home of the Governor of Paseo, Alis and her companions are stopped by this Robotcop. He informs them they cannot pass without a present for the Governor, then turns them away. Another Robotcop appears later at the entrance to the prison on Palma; this one however is positioned lower on the screen, resulting in part of his legs being cut from our view. Or perhaps the Palma Robotcops are just shorter? The world may never know.

In terms of design, the Robotcop of Phantasy Star generation 1 is very similar to the original in Phantasy Star. Both have long, lanky limbs and ball shaped joints. One major difference is the addition of a white peaked cap. Another would be the absence of a handheld pistol; the new Robotcop has a built-in gun hidden in one arm.

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