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Image of the Day - February 22, 2012

One unusual aspect of Phantasy Star generation 1, at least compared to other entries in the Phantasy Star series, is that it has two title screens. This is the first of the pair. The screen fades in from black quickly, with the circular three planet icon - representing Palma, Motavia, and Dezoris - appearing first. This icon is very reminiscent of some imagery introduced in Phantasy Star Online, although it lacks a central circle found in that title's usage. The game logo is quick to follow, with the copyright and product line title appearing at the bottom.

While it forces the player to go through an extra button press to get into the game, this screen serves the purpose of keeping extraneous details off the main title screen. One of those details marks this game as the first entry in the Sega Ages 2500 product line. This was a line of budget titles based on older Sega properties - remakes, ports, and the like. The titles retailed for 2500 yen at release.

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