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City of Motavia

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Image of the Day - January 25, 2012

This artwork used in the Phantasy Star IV manual gives us an idea of the artist's concept of a large Palman city on the desert planet of Motavia, depicting it as much larger than any could be shown in the game itself. After one thousand years of recovery from the disasters caused by the destruction of their native world, the Palmans have built an impressive city nestled among the dunes and mountains. Although there is no label to tell us exactly which city we're seeing, it is most likely Aiedo. A second, smaller settlement stands off to the left side; perhaps it is part of the larger city, merely with some buildings blocked from our view.

I must confess that I have never quite understood what is going on in the upper half of this artwork. Certainly there are some tall mountains, but the blue night sky looks to be filled with wild, almost root-like structures. What do you think that is supposed to be?

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