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Digital Girl (1st year anniversary special)

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Posted by Lucas

Okay, my third drawing for the month...BUT! this one is a very special one for three reasons. First it’s DG’s first appearance in 2012. Second, this drawing is a revisit of one of my very, very early drawings of her (Playing with Foi). But lastly, and most importantly, Digital Girl has been apart of the Fringes of Algo community, as an original character for one year on this very day.

Quick recap of her story: Digital Girl is the creation of an information clash between both Hapsby and Mother Brain (daughter of them both if you will). She remained a self-learning computer program within the internet gathering information on whatever she could find. She performed this day-to-day routine of information hunting for over two-thousand years. Eventually the intellect behind her as program expanded so much she was able to create a physical human-like body and enter the Algol solar system. Her only purpose for being in Algol is to continue expanding her knowledge on life and everything that comes along with it. Although she has more than enough power to help protect the solar system from Dark Force and other evils, she is yet to commit herself to such a task at the present time.

I hope everyone here enjoys this drawing she’s come a very long way since chapter 1 in my fan-fiction series. Yet, she’s still my most mysterious main character with so much left to find out about her. Please enjoy this one everybody. :D

Happy 1st Birthday/Anniversary DG :heart:

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