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Vampire Appears

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Image of the Day - October 31, 2011

This page of storyboards from Phantasy Star IV production documents reveals a slightly different take on the game's events in Ladea Tower. Following the first encounter with Zio and wounding of Alys, the remaining heroes - Chaz, Rika, Gryz, and the newly rescued Demi - set out to find Rune Walsh in this tower. They hoped he could heal Alys, but first he needed to retrieve an artifact at the top of the tower. In the game, this lead to a boss fight with the Gy-Laguiah monster. The center frame of the storyboards reveals that Gy-Laguiah was not the foe originally intended for this battle. Instead, one of the vampire type creatures from Phantasy Star appears.

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Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn)
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