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Image of the Day - October 06, 2011

Today, we have a look at something that is a true rarity in the universe of Phantasy Star: official artwork of Phantasy Star III's Kara. This Layan princess brings the considerable technique power of her heritage into battle against a cyborg named Killer. In this instance, she calls on the fiery styling of "Foie." Fans of this game will remember it as Foi, though the alternate spelling with the ending E was later used by Phantasy Star Online.

Only three characters are exclusive to that story's third generation appear in the illustrations published in the game manual and later reprinted in other books and collections. All of these, only Kara represents the females and Ayn's timeline. Combined with the discovery of a Kara boss sprite in the game, this suggests that Kara might have once been planned to have a much larger role in the story. Kara's illustration appears at the beginning of the manual's list of techniques, where it is somewhat darker in color than seen here.

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