Drill Mole

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Image of the Day - October 02, 2011

This fearsome beast is the Drill Mole, an unusual biomonster that wrecked havoc in the Motavian countryside. Most biomonsters are solely the products of genetic engineering, but this one seems to have resulted from some cybernetic experiments as well. Claws tipped in steel and a mechanical drill device attached to the mole's forehead give it remarkable power. The Drill Mole was one of the deadliest and most brazen of the monsters roaming Motavia. Most of them remain outside the borders of towns, but the Drill Mole is known to have wiped out at least one village entirely. Unfortunately for the monster, Rudo's wife and child were among the victims there. In this scene, Rudo has finally succeeded in tracking the creature back to a treasure filled nest.

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Phantasy Star II Text Adventures
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