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Ayn the Orakian

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Image of the Day - September 30, 2011

Out of all the cast members in Phantasy Star III, Ayn may be the most impacted by the emotional repercussions of the ancient hostilities between Orakians and Layans. As the son of Rhys and Maia, this young prince was raised in his mother's homeland, Cille. It is a place where the Orakian Rhys was shunned by everyone on his arrival. The very thought of Rhys and Maia in a relationship was offensive to the people. One can only imagine how much of that same hostility was directed toward Ayn as a child because of his half Orakian heritage. When his own travels took Ayn to his father's homeland, he had to face such prejudice again because of his Layan heritage.

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