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Wedding Day

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Image of the Day - September 27, 2011

Rhys and Maia met in the Castle of Landen on their wedding day, in a scene much like this. Together, they would walk the halls from Maia's quarters to the throne room, where the marriage ceremony would take place. In Phantasy Star III, most castles are very simple structures that lack the splendor and majesty often seen in such fantasy settings. Landen's castle is no different this respect, but this artwork indicates it might have been more impressive in the artist's mind than in the final game. The large columns are the mark of a big structure that would need much support to stay standing.

This artwork has been printed in two major versions. In the version shown here, which was also used in Phantasy Star - Official Production Compendium, the picture has been mirrored from the orientation used in the original game manual and other books. It is difficult to be certain, but it would appear that this is an actual painting rather than simply a drawing. The style is reminiscent of some watercolor paintings, suggesting that same medium might have been employed here.

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