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Sea Breeze

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Posted by tilinelson2

It has been a long time since I've drawn any fanart, so I tried to draw something. I've got many cool ideas of artwork, but my lack of skills don't let me put these ideas on paper. Anyway, this is a rough sketch of one of the ideas I've got. The original idea includes colors, shading, background and so on, but I don't feel confident enough to draw them (I barely consider these sketchs worthy, but they are the best I can do now).

The idea of the image is to have Maia walking on the beach, very close to the sea. She must have a strange relationship with it, for it is what almost took her life. On the other hand, it is what put her on Rhys' way, changing completely her life. Also, it holds the key to her past.

So, there it is, without the sea, the beach, any background or color. At least the most important thing is present in the drawing: Maia :D

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