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A hunter and his apprentice

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Posted by Lucas

Okay as promised. I'm personally quite happy with this one. Some trouble with the hands again (possibly arms too) in my opinion however. Anyway the numan girl here is Autumn Erra, who we should all know quite well by now. I'm sure some people are getting sick of seeing her. :p (I'm not however). The well-built man wrapping his arm around her is William (aka: Will) who is her hunting mentor. He teaches her to to protect the people she cares about and her solar system by training her at the Guild on Motavia. He's quite a respected man among other hunters as well; and also a very big role-model for Autumn.

Also it's kind of the opposite to the Alys and Chaz teacher to student role in PSIV. Will is a lot more open with people unlike Alys. Autumn is a lot more intelligent than Chaz. :neenerneener:

Finally Autumn isn't a short girl she's actually rather average in height. Will however is the tall man here. Will's character biography will eventually be added to my AF Encyclopedia which I haven’t touched for nearly three months now.

Probably the last drawing I'll do for the month now. Well anyway I hope this drawing makes you smile. That's the kind of effect I wanted this piece to have. :)

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