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Celeith,Paige and Sani

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Posted by Celeith

I thought I'd try out a new art style and draw 3 of the 5 main characters from my story. As everyone knows from my Celeith artwork she is easily recognized in much of my artwork. I decided to add a few new things, such as her new bow. I'm gonna clean this image up later and color it.

Time to give a few info on these characters since they're new.
On our left we have Paige Adenaide, Paige comes from a race called the Dervish, similar to mystical "Elves" of most games and fantasy, or even somewhat like the Numan's of Phantasy Star, the Dervish race is hunted to near extinction, only a few colonies remain and the Dervish folk never leave their colonies. Paige was adopted by a Elurian (human-race) when she was a infant and raised among the people of the nomad tribe that wanders the Zobi fields. Paige wears a witch like hat to hide her Dervish ears, but also signifies her individuality as the groups main magic user. Don't let her young appearance fool you, as she is only 1 year away from being 18.

And on our right we have Sani Cross. Sani's design is still being tweaked a bit. Sani is the captain of the Utopia, a small seagoing ship. Sani is a novice thief, as robbing Celeith is her first gig. Celeith sees kindness in Sani and has her join her team. The three girls have a sister like bond with each other and they fight among each other quite often. Although Sani is a thief-like character she is not the fastest character in the group. Rather she is able to employ tactical moves and has a keen sence of things that allows the party to advance over many obstacles in their journey.

Now 1 bit of knowledge about the three girls.

Celeith is terrified of water, as she can't swim.

Paige has a bit of a inferiority complex, as she tends to be jealous of Celeith and Sani for being more endowed then she is, even though she is almost an adult. This causes many rages towards her enemies when they make fun of her "small chest"

Sani is the 6th child of 9 siblings who all look alike in appearance. This causes her to try and be more different then her siblings which actually relates to her meeting with Celeith.

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