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Image of the Day - July 31, 2011

Most of the Phantasy Star II Text Adventures do not feature enemies that can be fought or tasks that can be completed multiple times. In most cases, once an enemy is defeated or a puzzle solved, it is never seen again. Rolf's game takes a very different approach. Soldiers like this one, described as a mechanized grunt for a group of criminals, roam the outskirts of the port town Scion. Rolf must challenge at least one of them to obtain dynamite, which he can use to enter a nearby tower. 200 Meseta will also be found on the fallen foe, which conveniently covers the cost of two stays at the nearby inn, offering Rolf a source of unlimited healing after each battle.

Players familiar with Phantasy Star might have noticed that I just mentioned Scion, which is a town located on planet Palma during that game. However, this is not the same Scion. This portion of Rolf's adventure occurs a number of years after an accident allowed Mother Brain, the controlling computer of Algo, to ban space travel. We can infer that the name must also be used for a town on Motavia.

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