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Phantasy Star IV Logo

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Image of the Day - July 26, 2011

Even though this was one of the first logos shown for Phantasy Star IV, it was not used in the actual game or packaging until the European release. When the game was first shown to the press, in the form of the now lost Tokyo Toy Show prototype, this logo was there. Somewhere along the line, the IV was replaced with the subtitle, "The end of the millennium." The original logo wouldn't be seen again until the cover artwork for the Europe release was finalized, where it replaced a less stylized counterpart from the North American release.

This logo also marks the final version of evolving text design. For Phantasy Star II, the text became beveled and metallic, reflecting the stronger focus on science fiction over fantasy. The basic shapes stayed the same, which is not the case here. The serifs on the letters are much more dramatic now, extending far longer on the H, Ts, N, As, and R.

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