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Image of the Day - July 02, 2011

This is the title screen for Phantasy Star Complete Collection, the most extensive gathering of Phantasy Star games to date. It includes Japanese releases of all the classic Phantasy Star titles, plus the official English translations that were released in North America. Several bonus features are also present for most games, such as image galleries for each game that include cover art, character artwork, full scans of the Japanese game manuals, and early advertisements used in Japan.

In future Image of the Day installments, we will be examining some of the images in the Phantasy Star Complete Collection galleries. Some of these will be images we have not seen previously, but there will also be some repeats. This collection's galleries are more balanced among the games than those of the Saturn collection, foregoing the extensive character designs of Phantasy Star IV in favor of higher quality artwork for titles such as Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star Gaiden. And even though we will see some repeats, they will often feature better quality images. In fact, the quality in general is so good that I actually have to reduce it to keep the files at a managable size.

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