Mad Flower

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Image of the Day - July 01, 2011

Continuing his investigate of the problems plaguing Kvarts Academy, Hugh enters his laboratory on the campus. He notices that a plant he was experiment on has gone missing. When he picks up his lab coat, Hugh finds the Mad Flower - his missing plant - hiding behind the coat. Hugh must now fight a stronger, more evolved version of the Petite Flower he previously defeated. This version of the flower is still growing, but a challenge for the scientist to overcome. If Hugh manages to drive it away, it retreats once more.

The observant might notice that Hugh's lab coat, seen in the background, is very similar to the one worn by Hahn in Phantasy Star IV. In fact, much of Hahn's character design and storyline is based on this game. Using the lab coat provides Hugh with a defense bonus, something very rare in most of the text adventure games.

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