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Image of the Day - June 29, 2011

This is Shelley, a young woman Rolf encounters during the journey told in his text adventure. When Rolf was eleven, he and Shelley lived in the same orphanage. The beginnings of romance were just starting to stir in their young lives when Rolf left Paseo, the orphanage, and Shelley for an extended period of sword training on Uzo Island (described as uninhabited, but still serviced by airline travel). On his return eight years later, Rolf learned that Shelley had been kidnapped. He quickly set out in search of her. On locating Shelley, Rolf was forced to fight; she attacked him, sporting the fierce expression we see in this scene. Rolf believes her to be a victim of mind control. In truth, Rolf himself is the one being manipulated and Shelley is a participant in a larger scheme.

Shelley also has the distinction of being only one of three people known to hold the title of an Agent of the Motavian government. The other two being Rolf himself, who is recruited to the job at the end of this game, and the hero of Phantasy Star Adventure.

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Phantasy Star II Text Adventures
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