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Image of the Day - June 16, 2011

The Elephant, and near relative, Mammoth, return in Phantasy Star - Deluxe Edition as strong foes that Alis and her friends must overcome. They are not very different from their Phantasy Star design. A jewel has been added to the forehead. The upper tusks are much larger and now grow skyward, instead of pointing down as small mirrors of the lower tusks. Aside from these small changes, the creatures are almost identical to the original incarnation.

Here are a couple of fun facts regarding the Elephant. In internal documentation, the game refers to this monster as "bignose." ;) Also, while developing and testing the English translation patch, the Elephant is one foe I never encountered during the course of the game. It might not appear during play at all! The Mammoths are definitely present, however.

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Phantasy Star: Deluxe Edition
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