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Alpha vs. Sandworm

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Posted by Lucas

Totally forgot about this one, I drew this back in the first week of January. Found it again when I was packing some more stuff away from the Cyclone coming.

Just to refresh your memory Alpha is not explicitly a numan but rather an even earlier prototype of one which is why he appears to look more like a beast then a numan, as numans look more human. This is basically Alpha in his attack mode, after being ambushed by a sandworm only to turn the battle in his favour. There is no real height difference between the two either.

Yes I also must remind you despite giving young kids nightmares at first glance he is not an evil character he just has more biomonster in him than a regular numan does, that's all. :wink:

This was my original drawing of him. His skin colour is actually grey for those of you wondering. I'll do a colour version of him one day.

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