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Sleeping Autumn

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Posted by Lucas

I was talking to one of my old high school friends on facebook a few days ago; and we were talking about fictional characters, anyway, some how the conversation got to me telling her about Autumn. I showed her a few drawings I did of her and she requested I do one of her asleep. Dunno why but I thought it was nice new idea so I did. Now I'm showing you guys!

I made sure to include the owlbear again this time all huddled up. I was kinda stumped at what clothes she would wear to bed. Obviously what she is wearing looks very similar to swimwear but I thought considering she lives on the hottest planet in the Algol solar system it would work. I was pretty happy with it overall but her hands don't look right IMO. Anyway this is going to be one of the last drawings you'll get out of me for a while thanks to a certain “Cyclone Yasi” coming my way. Cant say I'll have very many pencils or much paper left once its over. :(

Besides that, I hope you enjoy it. :)

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