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CG practice - Rika redo

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Posted by Xander

Today was a bad drawing day for me. No matter what I tried nothing worked. I'm probably just burned out from the load of stuff I've been doing these past 2 days.

Anyway, rather than do nothing I whipped out some old lineart and decided to bring it up-to-date. You might recognise this one. ;)
Plus this practice will come in handy when my next Rika piece comes along. I was tempted to add a background and even found a good one for it, but realised it would go 100 times better with the new art I have planned for her.

Anyway, depending on how things are tomorrow I will either have a piece of Flynn art drawn up or my new Rika art. We shall see. Poor Claire will need to wait for a revision. :/

EDIT: Re-uploaded version with recoloured hair.

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